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Booking Confirmation:

Congratulations! Your booking with Express Transportation has been successfully accepted. We understand the importance of a seamless travel experience, which is why our dedicated customer service team will now review your booking and ensure everything is in order.

What to Expect Next:

Booking Review: Our experienced customer service representatives will meticulously review your booking details to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Confirmation Process: Once your booking has been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email or call from us, confirming your reservation. This email will contain all the necessary information regarding your upcoming journey, including date, time, pickup location, and any additional services requested.

Prompt Communication: At Express Transportation, customer satisfaction is our top priority. In the rare event that there are any issues or concerns with your booking, our team will promptly reach out to you using the contact information you provided during the

Should you need to cancel your reservation, please contact us at info@albanynytaxiservice.com or call us at 518-421-3322.

Thank you for choosing Express Transportation service! We are eager to serve you and ensure a comfortable journey.

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