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πŸš•πŸš‰ New train station prices

πŸ“’ New Train Station Prices Effective from 06/05/2023

Dear valued passengers,

We are committed to providing the best customer service experience while ensuring cost-effective fares for our esteemed customers.

πŸš† Amtrak Rensselaer – Albany Taxi Fare (Practiced 2020 – 2023)

  • Initial Fare: $5
  • Each & Extra Passenger: $5
  • Flat Rate fares:
  • Rensselaer NY: starts from $15
  • DT Albany NY: starts from $18, progressing to $20
  • Medium distance fares are negotiable starting from $20.

For various destinations, we offer competitive flat rates:

  • Guilderland & Colony NY: starts from $30
  • Troy NY: starts from $25, progressing to $40.
  • Delmar NY: starts from $25, progressing to $35
  • Selkirk: $35
  • Loudonville: starts from $25, progressing onwards.
  • Latham NY: starts from $35 and up.
  • Wolf Rd: starts from $30 to $36 for trips over 10 miles.
  • Airport: $36 (Economy lot), $39 to terminal.

For long trips:

  • Initial fare: $5 + Mileage multiplied by $3
  • Each & Extra Passenger: $5
  • We accept credit cards with a transfer fee of 2% + 8% (10% at Zelle with no transfer fee).
  • During weather emergencies, special surge fares are negotiable.

Rest assured, our drivers cover tolls including Schenectady, Niskyuna tolls.

Travel worry-free with express transportation

For inquiries or bookings, please contact us.

Express transportation team

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